( A note sent to NSL class of 2015 that might be of interest)
What pro ISRAEL and pro PALESTINE can mean in WASHINGTON DC

One of NSL’s alums made this comment about when he encountered the Israel and Palestine lobbies in Washington, they seemed more Pro Palestine than he as a Palestinian was. He suspected the same with the Pro Israeli Americans, they being more Pro Israel than most Israelis were. I certainly have found that. When someone is more Pro a cause than the native naturally attached to that cause, you have to suspect that something else may be going on which says more about them than their cause.

When Irish Americans are more Pro Ireland than the Irish, is that about some sort of identity quest, about what they want to be. When CUFI is more for pro Israeli than just about anyone, you realize its not because of the Jewish people, its because Jesus said he would return. The real story often resides in the story behind the story.

Lobbyists in DC here are PAID to advocate a cause, for example for climate change or Pro Life, or Palestine or Israel, so you know their pro- stance means Professional- they are paid and often paid very well to push a point of view.

Similarly, when someone is so ANTI a cause than the ones who are most legitimately aggrieved, men who are more upset than most women about gender bias, or white Australians more upset than aborigines about racism, then again, something seems out of balance.

It is always worth asking- Is someone hijacking someone else’s story for their own ends. No story is innocent. It pays to check if someone’s story truly belongs to them.

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