From CaronaVirus to CaronaVirtue (To Mary)

Image result for coronavirusAll’s quiet on the Western Front
No Paddys Day March
No hint of a brain at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
No tribute to Paul
Goodbye to his Goodbye Gala

We have 2 weeks enforced retreat
Write your book, dear Mary
Rejoice in your own genius
The world in its madness
Coughs up some enforced sanity.

Washing your hands
Is better than wringing them
And when our experts warn of pandemicImage result for Spanish Flu
Our ancestors late,
of famine and plague
Yellow fever and TB
Will laugh sick from their healthy graves
at how evolution with us
seems to have gone backwards.

A hungry lion used to panic the herd
Now someone sneezes
And we Guzzenheit it to Gomorrah
Sodom sad and so silly
Even a handshake feels like a vice

Image result for TBHow more badly sick could our bodies become
When our brains are so cancerous
With the fever of fear
And the malaria of malice?

What if carona virus
Is the test of virtue?
Testing us who is really healthy
And who is diseased?

Not by symptoms of the body
But by signatures of the soul.
Go Test that!
You trapped passengers on Noahs Ark
And see…we are all infected!
Even if only some will get sick.

Image result for Noahs arkThe vaccine needs not be a needle or a pill
But the cleansing truth of virtue and humility
God used to send us the plague
But now, even God is made in China.

Paul Costello
March 13th 2020

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