Living in Two Realities

Two Worlds' by Silvano Mello. Check out... - The Cartoon Movement ...A friend thinks Trump is the worst- a friend thinks that Trump is the best:  She will vote for him again.

A friend sees the latest Corona figures and says that we face catastrophe. Another sees the same figures and says- the curve is flattening, we are in good shape and accuses the former of being an alarmist. They duke it out in public on Facebook.

A Captain appeals to save his crew because the Navy don’t seem to care- and his sailors applaud him. He comes down with the infection. Next day, the Department of Navy sack him. 500 of his former crew are sick and already one has died.

An inspector general obeys the Whistleblower law and informs Congress as he must, and he is sacked for lack of loyalty, not to the law but to the President.- Vengeance has a sweet taste and is best served warm.

This is all backdrop to a population in lock down and panicking that their parents or grandparents have now become dispensable, their kids at home are bored, school systems mostly unable to educate at a distance, an economy on the verge of collapse, 6 million this week, 6 million last week, 9 million next week???? Someone will say that is good news.

Ben Franklin made up 200 terms for being wastedA crisis situation is where leaders have to wake up, start to see that what concerns life and death, differences are irrelevant. We have to act in concert if all of us are going to survive, or as Ben Franlin said, “We either all hang together or assuredly we will hand separately.”

The political agenda of divide and conquer has finally become a cancer that eats its own. For 30 years, it has delivered political power by .01 % majorities such that Newt Gingrich would be proud. Now it threatens national and even species survival. We need to resign from the politics of pettiness and start acting into the future where winning means surviving.

If we do not wake up, we might decide that anyone sowing division is as bad as someone infected sneezing on us. And we will tell them to put on a mask and wash their minds every 15 minutes and stop polluting the air with their hate and division.

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