Who are We?

Paul Costello, Executive Director of the Center, is a pioneer in narrative theory and practice, having studied with Michael White, the father of narrative therapy. In addition to writing and teaching, Paul directed the Washington-Ireland Program from 1998-2008. When he stepped down from this role, he received public recognition from the US Congress and the Northern Ireland Assembly for his contribution to building a new story for Northern Ireland and discovering in the process, a powerful  narrative way of peace-building. Since 2009, he has been applying the same method to the Middle East, in founding a new narrative program called New Story Leadership for young Palestinian and Israeli students. This latest project is the perfect laboratory to test the ideas and practices of CNS. He is also writing and teaching and eager to share the findings of his latest research. He has worked with NASA, the US Department of Tresury,Lockheed Martin, Americorps and been guest lecturer at universities and colleges across the world.