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Our sincere apologies to Tiger Woods

It is as mad to expect Mother Teresa to be a saintly golfer as it is to expect Tiger Woods to be a golfing saint. I know, the cry is “role model, role model” and even Tiger added that to his litany of supposed sins, that he had let the young kids down. But who told him that? Not any kids I know. Continue reading

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Obama after a year-The Need for Courage before compromise

Oh the stories we shared on Inauguration Day a little over a year ago, the feelings we had of the beginning of a brave new world, the sense of common purpose among the huddled masses on that cold, cold day-where … Continue reading

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Washington and being’snowed under!’

Schools are closed. Universities are closed. Even the Government is closed. What the Republicans have worked for all year has finally been achieved by Snowmageddon 2010. I haven’t seen any flakes yet, and I did go multi-item shopping to get more wine and chips. The bare essentials, I know. Continue reading

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