Rally on the Mall-The People’s Laugh-In: 50 best signs

What a weekend to be in Washington DC. A balmy Autumn day,  welcoming Halloween and Elections with a free Comedy Show on the Mall to restore sanity or fear. Perhaps more than anything else, it restored a sense of humor, given the signs that proliferated. And maybe that is what the nation is lacking most, not jobs or faith, but the right to laugh at ourselves and not be so serious or so damn precious.  Maybe that should be added to the Bill of Rights. Here are 50  of the people’s  signs that might make you smile, and give you a sense of the amazing day we all had.

  • If your Beliefs fit on a sign, think harder
  • I already regret carrying a sign around all day
  • My arms are tired
  • Hyperbole is the greatest threat of all time
  • Jesus says Relax
  • Can’t we all just get a bong
  • I am acting suspicious,
  • I’m mad as hell but in a passive aggressive way
  • I want a sandwich
  • What do we want, moderation, when do we want it, in a reasonable time frame
  • Since when did my ability to spell make me a socialist
  • If you are not with us, we may still have things in common, do you like toast?
  • I support the sign I am holding
  • It’s a sad day when the politicians are comical and I have to take our comedians seriously
  • Homophobia is so gay
  • Give death panels a chance,
  • Down with Zippers
  • Socialists have feelings too,
  • Moderation or Death or…. Cake?
  • On the whole I am rather gruntled
  • Elect Aunt Kathy, she’s very reasonable
  • Too much pluribus, not enough Unum
  • I am you, Wait, who are you?
  • There is nothing to fear but fear, and spiders
  • I don’t have a  dream so much as a mild preference
  • Mispellers untie
  • What do we want, patience, when do we want it, now
  • We’re mad as hell and we are not going to take anymore than is reasonably tolerable
  • Support our Soups
  • This statement is false
  • When making a sign, be sure to leave enough sp
  • Wisconsin is a myth
  • Anyone for scrabble later
  • We should do this more often
  • Plate Tectonics is only a theory
  • So many gray areas, so little gray matter
  • Jews control the synogogues
  • If your erection or your anger lasts more than 4 hours, seek medical attention
  • Modrats mispell to
  • God hates nags
  • Stark raving reasonable
  • Don’t believe everything you think
  • Eschew Obfuscation
  • Ruly mob
  • Down with tautologies
  • My wife is Muslim and is not a terrorist, but I am still afraid of her
  • God Hates Signs
  • The Sky is Falling
  • (Picture of Hitler) Nazi  (Picture of Stalin) Communist (Picture of Obama) Hawaiian
  • I am not afraid of Muslims, Christians,  Jews, Socialists, Liberals, Conservatives, Tea Parties, Gun Owners, Gays, but I am afraid of snakes

As one of the signs, said, we should do this more often.

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