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Our sincere apologies to Tiger Woods

It is as mad to expect Mother Teresa to be a saintly golfer as it is to expect Tiger Woods to be a golfing saint. I know, the cry is “role model, role model” and even Tiger added that to his litany of supposed sins, that he had let the young kids down. But who told him that? Not any kids I know. Continue reading

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What is the story of the story-That is the question!

It always helps to have a good question. Hamlet’s “to be or not to be”  is a pretty good question. It opens up not only his dilemma but ours too, as to the fundamental why of our existence. The Special … Continue reading

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The Obama Presidency has just begun

A year into the Clinton Presidency, the pundits were already writing the obituary. After the Travelgate and the Health Care fiascoes, ‘this is a one term President,’ they said.  Clinton, if we recall, was elected on a similar wave of … Continue reading

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