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The Middle East-Getting Ready to Fail Again?

The Middle Peace Talks begin again!Ho Hum seems to be the headline it is getting here in Washington….These are all the telltale signs of a diseased story system, where the players have only learned to tell stories of the problems, not the possibilities. All they want to do is reinvent failure. Talk about a story getting way too ahead of itself. Can’t anyone let it get born and breathe before shouting it down? Continue reading

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Young Leaders from Middle East ask for a say in peace

Young people are those who are most able to bridge the conflict. Thus, we must be a part of the peace process as well. We, as a generation, have the capacity to change the course of history with fresh ideas, new energy, and most of all, hope. Our generation brings new messages of compromise, reconciliation, and willingness to work together. We cannot sit idly by while others, even our own leaders, meet and discuss our future without including our voice. Now that peace talks are about to resume, this is the time for you to engage us in developing a new, and more inclusive, process for finding a resolution. We ask the negotiation team to meet, as soon as possible, with a representative body of young people in order to develop a process, which will include us. Continue reading

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