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Towards one day in November -The Walking Tour

These are critical days, those last remaining moments before a nation finally makes up its mind. It is an uncertain and anxious period, one that many of us find difficult to live with, eager as we are to get to … Continue reading

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We have to become the new Magellans for a New World

If we feel lost, it is because our world has grown too big and our stories have stayed too small. We think of race and nation and economy and culture and faith as singularities, all existing within clearly differentiated narratives, but somehow, the world has made scrambled eggs of all our distinct identities such that everything seems connected to everything else, and everyone is connected to everyone. How can this be, and how did it come about. Continue reading

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Election Results as Obama’s Hermeneutical challenge

If Obama revives his hermeneutic of hope, he will know he”s got two more years to rescue the economy, and reconnect his hope to the nation’s hurting heartland. But he knew that long before Tuesday. It’s called leadership, a quality that wins in the end, but in the middle passage, doesn’t complain or explain, because when did any of us not have to risk being wrong in order to end up right? Continue reading

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On the Disillusioning of America

Do you share an increasing sense that something might be slipping from our grasp, that something is not only not right, but there is a sea change happening. We are watching a tide slowly recede, a tide of optimism and resilience that used to buoy up America in its severest times of testing and trouble? Continue reading

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Defending the right to be afraid-to be very afraid.

When you want to shut someone up, concoct the lethal mixture of fear and the future, and put the burden of proof on your opponent, which is to say, you prove me wrong, when in fact the burden of proof is logically on the person trying to persuade you. Continue reading

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It’s the Theology, Stupid!

The Tea Party are raging about Government invading every aspect of our private lives, but what might surprise them is that what has gone wrong is not the economy-stupid, but the theology. Continue reading

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The Obama Plot Unravels -As Predicted!

Someone with narrative intelligence rather than a political brain needs to take the President to one side, as they should have done on January 21st 2008, and told it straight-, its downhill from here, that the expectations he had helped create were unreal even if he was crowned Emperor, and therefore dangerous. Continue reading

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The Middle East-Getting Ready to Fail Again?

The Middle Peace Talks begin again!Ho Hum seems to be the headline it is getting here in Washington….These are all the telltale signs of a diseased story system, where the players have only learned to tell stories of the problems, not the possibilities. All they want to do is reinvent failure. Talk about a story getting way too ahead of itself. Can’t anyone let it get born and breathe before shouting it down? Continue reading

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Burn the Koran?-A non-story of a non-story of a non-story

If you step back from the media scrum, and think about the asymmetry, you have to see it for its utter craziness. Not the crazy pastor. No-the crazy media and how they promote a silly local town story to blanket our national media reality. Continue reading

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Young Leaders from Middle East ask for a say in peace

Young people are those who are most able to bridge the conflict. Thus, we must be a part of the peace process as well. We, as a generation, have the capacity to change the course of history with fresh ideas, new energy, and most of all, hope. Our generation brings new messages of compromise, reconciliation, and willingness to work together. We cannot sit idly by while others, even our own leaders, meet and discuss our future without including our voice. Now that peace talks are about to resume, this is the time for you to engage us in developing a new, and more inclusive, process for finding a resolution. We ask the negotiation team to meet, as soon as possible, with a representative body of young people in order to develop a process, which will include us. Continue reading

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