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Introduction: Living Stories

Special Session: Ethics in Narrative Practice and Design Coaching

Exploring the Story: Narrative Technique to Enhance Appreciative Inquiry

The Washington Story: The case of how national story is constructed and deconstructed


Exploring the Story: Narrative Technique to Enhance Appreciative Inquiry

May 19th 2008 in Bethesda, MD

Instructors: Paul Costello and Dr. Madelyn Blair

This highly interactive course is filled with examples and real practice. Developed independently, the Center's approach mirrors much of the philosophy that has guided AI for so long and offers another avenue of understanding social constructionism at work and how AI and narrative work together.

This workshop is for those who wish to use story within the processes of their work or aspire to create change. The Intensive will introduce Narrative Room practice, an intense story-focused tool for dialogue. This will be demonstrated and practiced by participants.

Appreciative Inquiry uses story at its core. Use this workshop to explore story at another level. A full discussion and exploration of the genres that underpin organizational culture will allow those desirous of change to address it through knowledge of the genre beneath the culture. This workshop will give tools to those who aspire to be effective change agents, drawing inspirations from Northrop Frye and other literary theorists. Depending on the participants' interest, time will be spent on the stories of power and core stories.

Many audiences find value
Our session typically attract business leaders, organizational development specialists, therapists, communications professionals, human resource executives, change agents, teachers, clergy, social entrepreneurs, and the insatiably curious.

Course Objectives and Shape of the Day

Co-sponsored by The Center for Narrative Studies

For information and registration contact pelerei@mac.com  or call 301-371-7100.