If you want to change the world, you have to change the story! September 27, 2015

What story?” You ask.
The story that says, “You are wasting your time trying to change anything.”
The story that says, ”Who are you to presume you can do anything that makes a difference to anyone? Are you the Messiah?”
The story that says ”We tried it all before, and it didn’t work then and so obviously it won’t work now.”
The story that says  “Why bother? Just live your own life and make the best of it. No one else gives a dam. Why should you?”
The story that says, “We have always had this story of how we do things, and to mess with that is to insult those who came before you.”
The story that says, “Try it but if you fail, you risk being labeled a loser. Don’t take crazy risks. Be prudent.”
The story that says  ”You have to wait till you are ready, and you are not ready.”
The story that says, “You have to wait till you have enough funds, and you have no funds: you are broke!”
The story that says “You have to wait till you get the right people, and so far, you have the wrong people, merely amateurs.”
The story that says, “You need to get your Harvard degree in change management and your Oxford MBA. Till then, leave it to the experts.”

The story that says” The best minds, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals, Popes, Diplomats, Rabbis, Mullahs, and Senators have all tried to bring peace to Israel and Palestine, and you think your little program can possibly do what this pantheon of potentates have failed to do?”

….If you want to change the world, you have to change the story…We know because its been done before:
Selma, Seneca Falls, Stonewall,
Gandhi, FDR, MLK. JFK. LBJ
Jesus, Moses, Abraham,The Prophet. Buddha
Steve Jobs, FDR the Beatles, Obama,
Me and You
……………………………………..(Write your name here)
Come join the Story Change Revolution!

  1. Paul Andrew Costello for New Story Leadership 2015 Team and moving forward to 2016

(Thought I would give myself a little pep talk)


+(That is the motto of New Story Leadership. (www.newstoryleadership.org)

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