Since the Bush-Rove days, the election strategy de jour is win by dividing. Appeal to the basest of bases so you get your ardent voters out to beat the crap out of the other side, and put gay marriage and abortion or God or Hillary as wedge issues on the ballots as extra incentive.

Then you win…just.. and in your very next breath say.. with no hint of irony or shame …its time to unite folks..I wasn’t serious..I was only scaring you to get your vote..I won …so now it’s all ok..what I said about migrants, women, mexicans..nukes, russia, just kidding…come on…please .let’s now come together as Americans.!!! Your vote has made me into a stateman. Crooked Hillary ..lock her up… is now a great public servant. We are all americans.

Trump did not invent this move. It’s the practice. But he mastered it brilliantly.

The hypocrisy is mind boggling, so presumptuous but it’s how people have worked out how to win…at any costs. Slash and burn.

What Lincoln said..a house divided against itself cannot stand…has become… a party that does not divide the house cannot rise.

Who would have thought that we would decide to create a new civil war every 4 years…red v blue, city v country, coast v heartlands, men v women, South v North, just to elect a president. It destroys the very thing you must have to govern. Trust.

A Divider cannot turn into a Uniter in 5 hours, just as someone who has hurt you, threatened you, ignored you, insulted you can suddenly in the space of 5 hours become the great healer of the nation’s wounds. No…Donal..you have been elected President of the DSA instead of the USA, the Divided States of America. Good luck. You will need it.

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