Why does CaronaVirus look like a Mother’s day wreath of roses???

Has anyone thought that the image that  the media put up of the deadly virus looks like a wreath of roses one might give your mother on Mother’s Day?  Like this below. And that’s what are are asked to make a war on by our leader Sir Winston Trump Churchill?


What is going on here? When the British wanted to inspire young English men to throwImage result for wreath of roses lives away on the Fields of France, they had the sense to make Kaiser Willhelm into a monster- raping nunsImage result for Kaiser wilhelm raping nuns poster, kniving new born babes. He was a monster.

But our CaronaVirus looks like a flower- bursting with the energy of spring. At least if this is a war and we have to be motivated to fight back, then best to make it look as hideous as possible.

Below is how they pictured the Ebola virus?
Image result for picture of the ebola virus

Looks like a snake ballet but certainly not something you would give your Mother on Mother’s Day. Serpents and Adam and Eve have always tangled us in evil from Garden of Eden days so this is a little more scarey. But if this is our enemy, then he should look like an enemy. Not a squiggly man dancing Swan Lake. Perhaps we can go øne better.

See below- This is a better effort. Looks ugly like cancer and looks menacing  and something that is ready to attack us. We could easily sign up to fight that.

If we get the picture right, then next maybe we can change the name. Who would not want to fight Mad Cow’s disease? Or the Black Death? But Corona or COVAID19. Corona means Crown and it is also the name of my car. So maybe Corona Carnage Virus, or Corona Corpse or Catch your Death of Cold Corona? Any thoughts? If its war, the gloves need to come off- OOpps, I mean the gloves need to come on- but we need to get in our enemy’s face- not without a mask of course. But since the Virus is the lead in the story so far, we can do a better job of casting. Evil needs to look and sound evil. Not some pretty picture and an inocuous name like COVID19.

Image result for the SARS virus

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