I wonder if our dilemma is the choice between someone who acts effective and decisive and ruthless and is the exact opposite in a disastrous way..bankrupt and inept and deep shit in debt but tycoon star of The Apprentice…where he is success on steroids.

and someone who acts indecisive and nice and kind and is ineffective and nice and kind and equally this his 5th run for President???..but maybe not so disastrously inept…still, at 77, its your last stand.

our system has narrowed our choice to these two grandads. Why blame them when we put them there? Its a gerontocracy.

we all know the cranky old man syndrome. So why blame Trump? And we all know old men still fighting but beaten by death, cancer, loss of family who are decent above all..not effective or smart or efficient but decent. Deeply Decent.

What if America, our choice is between.angry and decent but neither should have got a first interview because they are equally unable to impose their vision of change on the world. And their history proves it. A failed real estate guy versus a 5 times failed presidential aspirant.

Then we might save the blame on an angry Trump or a victim Biden, because we are to blame…the system does not elevate the best candidates. And as for the debate, anyone who is surprised has been asleep. Nothing new under the sun happened tonight..absolutely nothing. Save that Chris Wallace proved more inept than either of them. I was surprised at that.


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  • Scott Mason

    the trouble these days politicians are just puppets for big corporations and don’t give a shit about the people they are suppost to represent they just care for what they can do for themselves

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