Duet with Sven-Erik

Reunion with long time friend Svend-Erik Enge

“-the empty classrooms and play grounds-the story of what got you through……my fathers watch-the understanding that stories are about power and some have become so powerful that they have all but replaced reality and truth-that as story practitioners, we need to find and teach narrative critical tools to empower people to be less susceptible to manipulation and to being conned – beware of the breathless insurance salesman-I called for the revival of skepticism, and the narrative ethical rules that do not rely on true/false but in whose interests are these stories being told?-what we give meaning to we give power to, -if the audience refuse to listen, the story will not stand up-we said at the end, that life in its sequences is cumulative and that one hard time gets us ready for the next and that when we ask- what got you through, we honor our lives to believe that we can endure, if not overcome, and that getting through is more important than getting it, or getting over it, or getting past it, that so long as we keep moving, progress and not success, -I urged people to ask each other, what got you through? and hear what they say”

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