RULE THREE-Be Passionate- then get over it.

Follow Your Passion

Follow your passion.

This is another path to transformation. When you think about that sentence, you would be forgiven to think it was made up by ice cream sellers in a heat wave. “I’d love a chocolate chip right now.” Like ice cream, passions tend to melt. Tell me what you were you passionate about 20 years ago and I will be testing your memory for things that you have forgotten you had forgotten.

At 5 if was dinosaurs and then, at 10, it was lego blocks, and at 15, it was the sexy maths teacher, aka Miss Jean Brodie in her prime and at 20, it was ending world hunger. Passions might mature into convictions or commitments, but don’t tell me to follow what is about as substantial as the morning dew.

“Passion” is an interesting word. It means ‘what we are willing to suffer for.’ That makes more sense, rather than thinking it is what makes us hot blooded  or horny or  excited. Passion is something that shows itself in the testing of time. It is that something that no matter what comes and goes, it seems to stay strong and deep, like our devotion to our kids, or to our faith or the cause of justice.

If that be the case, then we have the positions wrong. We are not following it- it is following us- haunting us even, hanging around even in the most unwelcome moments, forever staying in the picture. If we said, notice what passion keeps haunting you, you might get a more dynamic and exciting take on how life unfolds.

This “find it first” and “then follow it,”  “fix it” when it goes wrong, until finally, you somehow end up a success- is a story that works for fixing flat tires but has hardly any relevance to the one mysterious human life that luck or grace has bestowed on us.

Fix tires and live Life. Don’t get them confused. Life does goes flat at times- yes, but inflating the ego with hot air usually does not help.


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