The Economy of Attention /Intention

The Economy of our Intention/Attention- Audience responsibility


We can hold ourselves accountable by this simple test


-do a pie chart and in the segments, write down the things in proportion to their importance that you most deepluy cherish and want to happen during and after this crisis, eg, family wellness, 60% national unity, 10% sanity, 5% lessons learned, 5% jobs, etc, the big things- this is a map of your INTENTION

-Fold that paper up for a moment and do not refer to it


– do a pie chart and in the segments, write down the amounts of time you are spending on what- eg, watching CNN, Fox, 60% reading,10% washing hands, cooking, walking, etc the things you are doing. Be honest as you can. This is the MAP of your ATTENTION


-when you finished this, take out the first chart the lay them side by side and see if they match. If you said Family wellness is on the map of your INTENTION, and it is only taking 20% of your ATTENTION, then you have some sort of mismatch, review all the segments to assess if your attention is a function of your intention, or your attention is one big map of distraction. A story only feels coherent if we are paying attention to what matters.

– in a national crisis, we have little choice but to feel all we are is an audience but we make or break the story. If we are being seized by the latest headline, the craziest comment, the latest drama or spat, we are taking our eyes off the prize. In a crisis, as much as we want our leaders to stay focused and lead, we as an audience must inhabit that same story and ensure that our attention if a function of our attention. otherwise, we are creating a story that is incoherent and fragmented and energy bleeds out of the system for other things that are not so critical.


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