Image may contain: 1 person, textWhen conspiracies are the best explanation some very smart people are adopting to explain what is happening, one wonders what is going on?

At least it saves a few headaches because a conspiracy theory means that I don’t have to search or weigh the evidence, and even better, evidence that might disprove my theory is evidence of the secret operators who are pulling the levers of the world. And evidence of absence is proof that the Power Elite have been clever enough to cover their tracks.

But if God caused 9-11 and Katrina was a CIA- IDF plot. and CoronaVirus is a Chinese take over, and the Moon Landing was a movie set and 2008 was Wall Street Masonic fraternities screwing the system, then why bother our brains to thnk any further?

We rise to the invitation to play the hapless victim and we allow ourselves to not only allow our minds to go on summer break, we also engage in social distancing from any responsibilty to both understand the human source of the problem and the human source of the solution. The former might indict us and the latter absolutely implicates us. But Conspiracy says loud and clear- not my fault.

Conspiracy theories are akin to medieval theologians who saw events as Acts of God or like-minded Supersitionists who saw the stars out of alignment. Of course, we have moved on from there to understand that burning heretics or witches does not banish the plague.

As COVID19 gets closer to closer, we either embrace modern science to solve it or we embrace medieval theology. It depends on how hard we want to think about it- And hard thinking in hard times is especially hard.

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