PhDs for a pittance

Anyone noticing all the ads pitching to over 60s to get their onlone PhDs in global pandemic management or cyber security for 20 dollars a month.or Trumpian genius Psychology or nuclear donuts…i mean, wherever we got to in life, we got there without it so why need it now…

Now it could be genuine… these folks are so smart and they love is a new way…and they want to keep learning

or the education economy is dire, school is closed and all these rich retired clients can be suckered into paying us for vanity degrees.
We will offer a phd for 600, a masters for 300. Whats not to like???

Better idea is these seniors to teach the so so smart phDs who know the books but life, not yet.

Try this…. Earn your phd by being taught by the faculty at leisureword or asbury or riderwood. That’s a phd that would count. Pay them to teach…not fleece them for vanity degrees they will never use and never need. Education for profit is a racket.

We dont need to play or pay.

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