“What does he need to do tonight?”

The new question the broadcasters put to the pundits before a election debate.
“She has to be more likable.”
“He has to be more Presidential.”
oh….thanks…how profound.
Since when did two bit pundits know what a candidate needed to do???? One can only Imagine….

Lets cross now to Jerusalem- “Jesus has a campaign rally at the Citadel. What does he need to do, Josephus?”

“Well Moses, he needs to rally the base, the peasants and the shepherds and the samaritan women minority, and at the same time, not rile the Romans who don’t want any disturbances of civic serenity and then in the middle, the Pharisees are going to watch to see if Jesus does sway the undecided. Polls are showing he is winning the poor, illiterate and downtrodden. The Temple see threats in the Galilean Fishermen’s League led by Simon Peter who will support Jesus and the Sadducees against controversial Pharisee leader Caiphas, Its going to be a big debate Moses, and I think Jesus must show his divine side. Enough of his ‘Blessed are the poor ‘cliches. He has to make Judea and Samaria Great Again. Show us his miracles.”

“Do you see,Moses, any chance of violence, or that Jesus followers will react if the Romans move in to quell the festival crowd enthusiasm?”

“No Josephus, if there is one thing that we can be certain of, it is that no one will be crucified this week, because the Pharisees do not have Pilate on side, and Romans love to see the subject people arguing over religion because they can exploit it.”

“Moses, Will Jesus sayings on paying taxes hurt his appeal?”

” It depends Josephus, on whether people think his attack on Wells Fargo money changing table outside the Temple is a stunt or a real effort to show up the 99% Middle Class plight.”

Thanks Moses, we will stay tuned to that unfolding story, and now
we cut to Waterloo.

“Pierre, what does Bonaparte have to do here?”
“Not Lose.”

Now we Cross now to a local story at Gettysburg
” Jefferson, what does Lee have to do here?”
“Not lose.”

We Cross now to CNN
“Wolf, what does CNN need to do here?”
“Not ask dumb ass questions.”
“Then what do our correspondents get to say to the camera?’
“That they need a brain. and another job other than insulting the intelligence of every viewer.”

So that is what they need. Thanks for watching.

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