Where did this start from?

We have explored the where as in:

where being the place in between
and working out our options of what this in-between space looks like
and like any intersection, its bustling with all sorts of stories
but the leader has to choose, what path are we on- and how to define that

Then, where are we heading? and worst case best case surprising case scenarios

and then determine which path do we want to be defined by where we want to end up>

Once we have locked in, we then use the space of the room to determine, how close how far are we? and come to define our postion on the 9 grid.
But to be sure we can double check with a second question using that same space.

If this X marks the spot of where we are drawn and that is THIS MUCH away from the end goal, look back and move to the place where you started. And mark that as Y and explore the space in between, from X and Y and ask yourself, how far have we come?

If we said we are at the beginning, but we hace already come a long way, it will becomce clear that this is a marathon and not a sprint,.  Or if our sense is to go to a space close to X, that bears out our sense that we are the begnning of the Beginning. It is like trekking with a compass, if we are 100 miles from Boston, that means we shlould be 100 miles from NYC. We can double define where we are- from the B and the E.

Now we have a map and can plot a path.

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