Image result for one small step for mankind1.Now that we have set an end-point as the story we want told and retold and rememembered

2.and we used the space to allow our feet to move us to the place that showed us how close or how far we were from reaching that place

3.and then, we paid attention to what position we had taken up- and then looked back in that space to where we started and moved to that spot,

4.and then noticed by that how far from the start we put ourselves, and how far from the end story we were, so now we know where we are not just notionally but physically- we have allowed the space to speak.

then we get a double co-ordinate, to note how far we were from start and end, giving us a position we can now map using our 9 quadrant grid.

Then we name that place as say the Middle of the Beginning,  meaning that there was more for us to know and unknow than. we knew right now, that at this point the story was only still emerging,

so, even for that, we ask ourselves the questions to differetiate and discern- what do we know from here that we did not know from the start and what else and what else, and what else.

From what we have learned, which of these if we used would increase our chances of reaching the end story? and what else and what else?

Now we turn toward the space that we dsignate the end story and we close our eyes and using what we now know,  we take one step toward that spot. Echoes of one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.

Now examine where you are and ask yourself, what did we just do- we moved one step closer to the end story- what might that have been ( The one Thing question might be a better frame for the question) What is the one thing out of all these things that will move us closer to the end story and actually accelerate that, or eliminate other obstacles?



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