Buy up your Tea folks, because King George the 3rd may intervene with extra taxes on these here, his Trumpian colonies, and then there may well be a movement for independence to overthrow this tyrant because he is only Biden his time. Tea Party Mk III here we come.

 Who has Paul Revere’s email? Where are the patriots and Minuteman on instagram, because a new king has assumed power over the United States just when we thought we had a constitution that got rid of a king, once and for all. History can clearly see another Boston Massacre up ahead.

 Can someone call Mt Vernon and get George Washington’s cell, and ZOOM with Thomas Jefferson, because all their efforts might now come to naught. As Benny Franklin from Philly said the other night on CNN, its a republic if we can keep it-but can we keep it? Rosh Limbaugh said -keep what? keep quiet And  Bill OReilly said, some of these old folks need culling anyway.

Brit Hume and President Nixon and those Foxy folks and friends asked. “What is a Republic anyway?” “If I am the Boss,” Richard N said, “I make the rules. You don’t have to be a constitutional lawyer to understand that.” And Benjamin Arnold said on Fox News that there is nothing to fear but truth itself. “Trust me,” he said. “Would I betray you?” As he looked so sincerely into the camera.

“Our President King is the best of the best,” he said, “and worth every pound, quizling and pence.” That is the amount he is going to give to the rich, who have suffered so much from the Virus. Fortune 500 CEO’s need at least an extra 50 million bonus to get the economy going again. Especially the Cruise lines who don’t pay a cent in taxes, but surely they are suffering because they landed the virus on our shores. And airlines, last time they wasted their tax bonuses on stock buy backs rather than invest in better service, so they deserve another chance. And please be compassionate for the Trump properties and all those undocumented workers being fired. We have to save them, before we deport them. Have a heart.

 “The USA is another Property of my Hotel brand, USA is United Trump of America, and You are all living in one or other of the Mar A Largo outlets. Hence you should be so proud and happy to have such a beloved leader. You are all complaining as if we were in North Korea. I don’t expect you to like me but Apprentice rules insist, when I play hard ball, you have to be nice. Be nice OK, appreciation, be nice. I don’t care if you die of this virus, don’t care if doctors die because they have no PPE because its locked in Jared’s warehouse, but even as you die, be nice. That’s the rule. Its what we sing every morning in the Oval Office.

Live by vice yes 
but you must die nice.
Does that suffice?
Do I need to say it twice?
Nice, Nice, be Nice,
No, that’s thrice.
By Christ
But you get how I throw the dice.

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