Corruption or competence? You decide


If you are flying to london or having a heart transplant, do you care if the pilot or doctor is morally depraved? You want a competent pilot and a competent surgeon.

Sometimes people who are corrupt cut corners to get things done. They are ruthlessly efficient. But in our current situation where lives are on the line, the most unforgiveable sin is not corruption but incompetence. Masks and Ventilators, fixing supply chains, using the law to expedite what is urgent, the protection of health workers, that is what a competent manager does. He does not need to inspire, does not need to be heroic, does not need to speak well or get on well with others. He just needs to be competent. That’s the failure.

Corruption is what politics breeds. But we have a pilot who does not know how to fly and a surgeon who does not know what a heart feels like or where it is or if he has one.

We made the same argument with Bush Jnr. But he now looks like a stable genius compared to this clumsy, insecure imposter.

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