The Way to end wars

 If only this was how all our wars could end- then there might be no more wars.

Gallipoli, to 149 Australian soldiers respectfully, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk : australia

Imagine an Israeli graveyard saying this of Palestinians, a Vietnamese graveyard saying this of Americans, An American graveyard saying this of Japanese?

This plaque is at Gallipoli, the ANZAC graveyard in Turkey quoting what the father of modern Turkey, Attaturk said in 1934 of the dead Anzacs. And remember he was the General leading the Turks in 1915 who defeated the Allied forces.

Aussies and Kiwis who go there experience how sacred this land is to Turkey, the former enemy, now an ally. Remarkable in every way. Today remembers what reconciliation can look like.Anzac Day may have become a celebration of Ocker nationalism but it remains a feast day of grace for reconciliation-significant for as much as what happened in the war as what happened after the war. Lest we forget that too.

Prayers for Mum and Dad and Uncle Steve and Uncle Les and Cousin Reece and Uncle John and Uncle Bill and Great Uncle Michael Cahill and all in our family who have passed on and who served with pride.

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