The LDRSD the Lysol and Dettol Royal Society of Disinfectants based in Bath and Wells put out a message today warning the public to beware that politicians might misrepresent the messes Disinfectants can reliably clean up.

Dirty toilets, yes, spills, dirty floors, and infected surfaces, yes yes yes, but beware of people claiming we can clean up dishonesty, corruption, and criminal incompetence.

We consulted other organizations and the southern arm of the GOP aka the KKK suggested what was needed was a white wash.and offered to help ..but lysol is not used for that, and others like the Anti Discrimination League said he meant to come clean or start with a clean slate but Dettol is not used for that either.

Our other experts at the church of scientology were able to cast light…both internal and external about what the administration is really needing is a laxative or an enema or a good old dose of caster oil, that dramatically cleans out the system.

That’s what works when governors feel sluggish and full of shit. We totslly understand what Mr. President is saying. The media are confusing infection and disinfectant and light and blight. Crystals and copper bracelets also are worth a look.

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