Where you are is what you are in between.

In Narrative Design, We always teach that who you are is WHERE you are.

And where you are is what you are IN BETWEEN. B is B because its between A and C. 

And where we are is always in the middle, between where we started out and where we hope to end up.

When any 0f those co-ordinates shift, you realize that even if you are doing the same thing,  you are no longer in the same story. Take COVID19 for example. If we were still in the middle between a deadly pandemic outbreak and the means to control and end it, we would experience hope. We are on the way to a vaccine.

But if now, as it seems, we are in between the pandemic being largely controlled and a vaster level of infection and death because we were leadersless and careless, then we are in big trouble. We might not have shifted where we are, but the co-ordinates have, and that makes all the difference. Things will get worse before they get worse, as the Irish optimist used to say.

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