3 Presidents Carter-Bush Snr-Ford- have in common that they were One Term Presidents- the factors in their loss include…You can score them as you go through.


-a domestic crisis that calls their leadership into question 10
-an economic downturn-job loss, Wall Street, 10
-a Presidency percieved to be ineffective to solve these crises 10
-a 4 year record that did not benefit the majority 10
-the inability to win swing voters and grow his base 10
-an exhausted campaign that has no new energy to lead 10
-no new 4 year agenda to excite voters 10
-the fear of losing overhelms the desire to win 10
-the President starts to act chaotically like a loser, not a winner 10
-America suffers an international repudiation to USA pride, 10

One-term presidents: Will Donald Trump end up on this ignominious list? | Salon.com, go through the items and score them. How do you score????






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