“Power always distorts the lens of perception” Senator Mitch McConnell did not say today, in a Press conference that did not happen. (But it was a good point all the same.)

When not asked to elaborate on what he did not say, he went on to not say that Clausewitz had it back to front, “that politics is war by legal means” and “that if you win elections, you win the chance to twist that law or even ignore that law to relentlessly serve your power.” “Elections have consequences.” he went on to not say, though someone else did say that.

And so, he went on to not say that the argument for human decency and fairness is always the argument of the weak against the strong, in the vain hope that winning power will make the winner more human, more humane, and more just. How pathetic, he did not say.

When someone did not ask him to elaborate, he did not go on with a sort of Machiavellian lecture, “Power is hardly any incentive towards virtue. As FDR said to the labor leaders who helped him win in 1933, and who met with the President to insist on their reform, FDR said “I agree with you but you will have to make me” Change does not come from good intentions even if that is how you journalists talk about it. Power exercises pressure, push, and when push comes to shove, you bulldoze.” He did not go on. Then he did not add, ” I thought you knew me enough by now to understand that.” he went on to not say. “They don’t call me Moscow Mitch for Nothing.”

“RBG’s dying wishes must be respected- for sure-” McConnell did not say, “at least until the funeral. Then, it’s back to normal- the focused, relentless and ruthless pursuit of power. “

The Senator did not say but perhaps he thought it that liberals fail because they do not understand power and when they have it, they let conscience hobble their agenda. “We have power, ” he did not boast, “and We only have it if we use it. So use it we will, ” he went on to not say.

Off the record, given that none of this is what I said, on or off the record, but what you are putting into my mouth,….” that there is a tide in the affairs of men, and that we are going to lose the White House in such a landslide in November, and I am going to lose my own seat, so our Custer’s last stand is to push this through, force it through, bulldoze it through.” “People hate us anyway, so a bit more won’t matter,” he did not say. What is there to lose. 5-4 can become 6-3. Do the math.” he did not say or ask us to compute.

And McConnell did not go on and explained- “And now, understanding that this is the last Republican president and Congress for the next 20 years, the least we can do is give you radicals a Republican Supreme Court. For you liberals, you will see 6-3 as the great obstacle, and for us, we will be proud of this enduring Trump legacy. We hated him but look what he won us.”

“You think your vote in November will get rid of Trump” he did not say and there was no smirk on his face, ” but all fool you, he will be there for the next 35 years. Deal with it.”

As he did not leave to not go strong-arm Senator Collins and Romney and Murlsowski, he did not say, “Bottom line- we win -you lose. You guys should have got used to that by now.”

The press conference that did not happen then did not conclude but people had a lot to not think about from Moscow Mitch.

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