Here’s the deal- in AA circles, they talk of Rock Bottom, when an addict realizes that his life is so broken, he or she feels so helpless that they have to admit they are powerless. That is when the only way is UP and you appeal to your higher power.

Many’s the time that commentators have declared that moment in President Trump’s last three years- we could not sink lower…. remember
-when Trump boasted of abusing women
-when Trump paid off his accusers
-when Trump fired his FBI director and his… and his…
-when Trump used the Russian disinformation to win
-when Trump threatened to lock Hillary up
-when Trump tried to bribe Ukraine for dirt on Biden
-when Trump dissed the military dead as losers
-when Trump lied about the COVID19
-when Trump praised the Mom of the shooter in Kenosha
-when Trump refused to honor Rep John Lewis RIP
-when Trump said he would not peacefully surrender power if defeated
-when Trump selects an anti-abortion judge to replace RBG
-when Trump ( fill in) ……….
lower and lower and lower
Michelle Obama coined the phrase, “they go low, we go high”
but how low do they have to go? Our high is now looking as high as low tide.
Have we hit rock bottom yet?
If there is lower that we can go- will a Biden victory just bail out a leaky ship that deserves to sink, because Trump can’t be blamed for the total disaster. He has exploited the carnage and the catastrophe that is inherent in a system that does not work anymore- because it makes the American Dream available only to some Americans, not all Americans.
Is Biden the Captain Smith of the Titanic after it has hit the ice-burg and all he can offer is a few more years of staying afloat before the whole system collapses from its inner contradictions, contradictions that created him as much as they created Trump. How can Biden credibly represent change? All he suggests is “back to normal” and that is about all we can hope for.
No one expected the USA to become a Fascist state but if Trump wins, and that seems more likely the more people are saying he has already lost, then the people will not only have to take to the streets, they will have to engage in another civil war to save the republic from the power of George III in his modern form.
“Democracy is something you do, not somethings you have” – said Doris Haddock.

Time to get busy. Buy the Book and study along with the Presidential Plot. It is predictably unpredictable and no surprise should surprise us.

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