Never been feeling so well- Shame I died.

When the Doctor at Walter Reid was asked what conditions might make the President’s infection more complicated, and he answered “None” apart from the fact that he is slightly overweight. SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT. Then I must be Twiggy, the so slim model.

That is when you suddenly realize that these doctors are spinning in the Trump style, and that none of what they are telling the concerned nation is reliable. Then, we are told that he is in great spirits and also, in different reports, that he asked the White House staff if he is going to die, just the sort of thing you would say in good spirits. Like, should I make my will and should I buy a cemetery plot, the usual mood boosters that Hospice workers always use!

And then Mark Meadows says this:

“The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care. We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery.”

Fake News is not protective of those infected with COVID19 and no defense for the President when he gets sick. But his staff seem to think it is and so they spin away, treating the American public as dupes, as that audience that will willingly suspend disbelief out of loyalty. They really think we are THAT stupid.  Even the doctors all decked out with their doctoring gear are in the thrall of the Trumpian universe of untruth. Remember they said he could live 200 years if he cut back on hamburgers.

One is reminded of the good old Irish funeral where the ancient aunties visit the deceased laid out in the coffin and are heard to remark, “Aunty Lil never looked so well.” So what can we imagine here? The officials might be preparing the First National Wellness Funeral where the patient was so well, so recovered, so fit that he died of an abundance of health.

Surprise-Surprise-We are being played here. Seems that the President might have been sick and tested positive before he let on, and in the in-between time, went about his schedule as normal, risking infecting everyone in his circle. We shall wait and see but history gives us some clues. The more positive and rosy and uplifting the news they give us, the more we should worry.

President Wilson was an invalid from October 1919 but the news was he is fine until Feb 1920. James Garfield was shot by an assassin and the medical reports were “fraudulently optimistic.” He died at the peak of his recovery, poisoned by his doctors treatments.

So, given the President’s philosophy revealed by Roger Woodward on theCOVID crisis to not tell the truth for fear that might panic the people, you can assume that he is telling his medical staff the same. So we might presume that none of what we are getting is the truth. Sorry folks.

But in contrast, seems like the medical staff are panicking and giving the patient every experimental cocktail and the treatments we now know help a patient in extremis. But the President they are telling us that he is not in extremis.

We hope the President recovers. We really do.

Not so sure that “Truth” ever will.

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