As Bernie Withdraws….. Lessons from 2016…

Image may contain: 1 person, indoorIn 2016, we heard “He can never win,” and “There is no way she can lose” and turned out that more than enough…70,000+, did not believe the first story and went out and voted, and too many people accepted the second story and stayed home and what happened?

He who could never win, WON, and
She who could not lose, LOST.

With Bernie out of the race, we see the same dynamic-“Bernie fans saying “Biden can never win” and “Trump can never lose.” a story that Republicans will spend billions to have us all believe. Some Democrats seem to want to save them money.

But the funny thing about opinions about the future is that they are all smoke and no fire, hiding our basest fears and craziest fantasies. They bear no relation to reality whatsoever, except in proportion to the commitment we enact to create or prevent that future from happening.

That means we disenfranchise ourselves by our own armchair punditry. Trump will win if more people fear he will lose and go out to shore up his victory. And Biden will win if more people work against those who say he will lose and create the same sort of upset as in 2016.

The future is up for grabs. It is in our hands Fellow Citizens. That is why most pundits are proven so wrong that one should safely predict that they lose their jobs. But they never do. Go Figure.…

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