A Plague of Cliches

The plague of cliches continues in epidemic proportions. English departments desperate for a vaccine apologize to Shakespeare and Hemingway and Flannery OConnor.

As we approach our Pearl Harbor moment, let me assure you that the curve is flattening….(like what a truck at 100 mph does to a bird.)and the flat is curving, and remember the Alamo and that One swallow does not make it Spring but The light at the end of tunnel is also a tunnel at the end of the light or its justĀ New Jersey (john stewart) or a proverbial trainwreck but quilters know life’s a patchwork quilt where a stitch in time saves nine and even a crying kitten can lick up spilt milk and though that horse has bolted and our tipping point was our tripping point, and wall street has thrown a hissy fit not a herry fit, the storm comes before the calm and its darkest in the night before the sunrise, unless you turn the light on, and then how many presidents does it take to screw in a light bulb-whats a light bulb??? And life is a box of chocolates where there is a silver bullet but dont judge a cover by its book because Rome wasnt built in a day, (just destroyed in a day), and knock knock Whose there at 1600? No one: No one????? No one with half a brain, but its not rocket science, and we’ll meet again after we have adjusted the deckchairs on the Titanic, but in the end, after its done, after all is said and done, it will end and we will all be done. Tempus fugit, amo amas amat Toujours L’Audace amen.

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