I cannot weep for Ukraine alone

Tell us: how have you been affected by the situation in Ukraine? | Ukraine | The GuardianI cannot weep for Ukraine Alone,
For all the bombs. all the drones,
Unless I can also weep for the Yghurs,
For what they’ve become, for what they were,
Hounded into the Gulags of China
A nation defending UN sovereignty as a signer,Uighur family pictured outside their home
The China that silences the voices of Hong Kong,
The China that lied COVID to us too late and too long,
The China we’d rather compete with than condemn.
The China whose power we can neither stop nor stem.


No-IRussian tanks and paratroopers advance on Kyiv as families flee to bomb shelters ahead of third wave of shelling cannot weep for Kviv Alone,
For the cities besieged, its plundered zones,
Unless I can also weep for Kabul,
For my grief to expand to the full.
The 10 innocent citizens we blew up because they were terrorists, without a doubt!
Those 7 innocent children we executed on the way out,Kabul Bomb: Explosion Near German Embassy Kills Dozens
To remind us of the countless children we assassinated on the way in.
And we just left, like that, regretting not a thing or repenting our sin,
This nation, we invaded without provocation,
This sovereign people, we put under siege and sanction.


IDF fells Gaza tower used by media outlets, says it housed Hamas military assets | The Times of IsraelI cannot weep for Donetsk and Gorlovka Alone,
for the loss of life, the loss of home,
Unless I can also weep for Gaza.
The 9 hospitals that Israel bombed, the towers, the plazas,
The 67 children executed, their homes demolished with or without warning

The bombs the USA resupplied, the Iron Dome protecting from rockets swarming. Photos: The battle for Donetsk airport | Al Jazeera America
Israel’s war on Gaza?  of which Ukraine was a supporter.
Don’t ask Russia what she does, just ask who taught her.
Violence against a sovereign people that the invader denies even exists, is
Russia’s lie on Ukraine, Israel’s lie on Palestine, it persists.


Russia invasion: Refugees fleeing Ukraine mark largest, fastest displacement pattern since WWII | Fox NewsNo-I cannot weep for the refugees of Mariopol and Sevastapol Alone,
I cannot cry for the lives lost or demand the invader atone,
Unless I can also weep for the 7 million refugees of Syria,
Who for 20 years have lived between hell and hysteria,
Syria in ruins, bombed by Russia, by Israel, by Turkey, by USA,Glance Back: 180,000 Syrian Refugees Flee Into Turkey | Out of Eden Walk
A nation the free world defends only by what they say.
And for the cities of Yemen devastated by our allies, the UAE and the Saudis,
And the people of Libya, a sovereign state that yes, NATO attacked so proudly.



No- I cannot weep for Ukraine alone,
I will not cry out in such self-righteous tones,
I can only weep for me and weep for our shame,
To have found an enemy so clearly to blame.
But We cannot cry,
we cannot see,
we cannot weep for ourselves
the guilty, who go free.
We cannot realize that which we must,
the humble recognition
that the enemy is us.

Paco Stella Maris


S Korea says man who crossed back to North is gymnast defector - BBC News




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